Use of MRA Device -Remedies-

Subtitle: Research of the cause of the sickness and a remedy with the use of an MRA

Examination of the causes of the sickness using a device called a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA) suggests that environmental stress and allergy are the primary cause.

The MRA indicates that there are negative resonance factors (hereinafter, minus resonance) in chemical substances, which cause the environmental stress and allergy. These factors that negatively affect our health are found in genetically modified food, agricultural chemicals, food additives, and other toxins (see Figures 1, 2, and 3). In particular, chemical substances in housing materials have been found that should be mentioned. Based on cases of the sickness, an explanation of the sick house syndrome mechanism and treatment is given below.

Environmental stress is directly released as chemical substances or antibacterial toxins (such as insecticide, herbicide, antibacterial housing materials) or as dioxins, from housing materials, home equipment, and emissions. When inhaled by humans, this causes an allergy because of the reaction of minus resonance to our nerves, bloodstream, and internal organs of our body.

To eliminate the toxic minus resonance factor, the body's immune system changes active oxygen to minus resonance factors, which are destroyed, together with inhaled toxins, by the blood and all organ cells.

A particular case is earthen walls and wood materials that contain cellulase producing "Trichoderma viride and the Chaetomium species*." These are activated as minus resonance factors, by chemical substances, drugs, and toxins. The resident of the house exhibited fungus in the body and cellulase in all internal organs, and suffered from an allergy caused by the minus resonance cellulase. After receiving MRA treatment, the resident suffering from this allergy showed much improvement. The minus resonance cellulase was changed to plus resonance cellulase due to the treatment.

Additional MRA treatment and application of a plus resonance cream to the face every morning and night, improve anti-oxidizing power and immunity. This changes the fungus and toxins (excretions) to plus resonance factors. However, the allergy symptoms will recur if the patient neglects to use the cream. This method is not enough to cure the resident since the house environment does not improve. In order to eliminate environmental stress, research was conducted by taking photographs of the allergy sufferer's house, and an anti-oxidized construction was employed at the location of stress. This anti-oxidized construction purged chemical substances and drugs, converting the minus resonance cellulase to plus resonance (Figures 4 and 5), and thus eliminated the sick house symptoms. This is assumed to be the conversion of the anti-oxidant fluid and silicon particles or atoms (Figure 3).

Analysis by the MRA device suggests that environmental stress and allergy-caused diseases related to the blood or organs have the properties of genetic miasm, as the theory of homeopathy states (Figure 2). The sickness and development of the sickness vary by the body's disposition. Moreover, there are various "trauma and stress" related minus resonance feelings. It is said that all illness comes from the mind, and similarly, the disease differs according to the person. Improvements can be achieved by changing the minus resonance factors to plus resonance factors by MRA analysis and treatment.

An environmental stress toxin was analyzed. It was found that, through inhalation of the toxin, the predisposition to tuberculosis was related to minus resonance of the lung, caused by the generation of active oxygen and dioxin in the cells of the lung suffering from respiratory inflammation. Depending on the patient, the tuberculosis bacteria and other parasites can lead to infectious diseases, or can develop blood disease to heart disease, from lung arteries or lung artery valves. Lung cancer is easily developed among patients whose internal organs are predisposed to cancer together with pityriasis versicolor. The predisposition to cancer is brought about by the minus resonation of coccidioidomycosis with a cancerous virus, and the subsequent minus resonation of the cancer. An allergy from minus cellulase is analyzed as a factor of "Hepatitis C." The predisposition to cancer is converted into liver cirrhosis and liver cancer by resonating with minus factors of the cancerous parasite and virus. The predisposition to gonorrhea is seen as a factor of "Hepatitis C" and an allergy that causes the feeling of "irritation," which deteriorates the functions of the liver but rarely develops into cancer. In terms of the pancreas, diabetes, which is caused by a dysfunction in the secretion of insulin, gall bladder disease, renal disease, urologic disease, and dermatitis have been cured with MRA treatment.

Other notable examples of diseases developed with the occurrence of environmental stress and allergy related minus resonance cellulase, are as follows.

There were many examples of lifestyle related diseases such as duodenal ulcers and gastric ulcers caused by urticaria induced pancreatitis and abnormal bile pigment; atopic dermatitis caused by fungus, sporotrichosis, chromomycosis, and cerebral chromomycosis; renal disease caused by the bladder and urinary organs, gastrointestinal wall, or subcutaneous nodules in blood vessels (boils, polyps, verruca, thrombus, lipoma) or caused by other fungus; urologic diseases (enlarged prostate); sexually transmitted diseases which are widespread among women; manic depression caused by unbalanced hormones (which is experiencing a sharp rise among junior and senior high school students); blood in the urine caused by the calculus effect that is related to sodium poisoning; and neuralgia, rheumatism, and gout accompanying calcium deposits.

*Cellulase producing fungi: Growth in soil and wood
"Trichoderma viride" are activated as minus resonance due to environmental chemical hormones, in particular formaldehyde, VOC, and drug poisoning such as termite exterminators, insecticides, herbicides, anti-mildew materials, and antibacterial housing materials.
The "Chaetomium species" are activated as minus resonance due to dampness and moisture. Examples include minus resonance due to vicinity to wetlands, rivers, lakes, and ponds, and dampening of the earthen walls, used housing, or used buildings by rain. In recent years, there have been many examples of minus resonance from yellow sand and acid rain.

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